About Me

I like making things that are interactive, respond instantaneously, and communicate ideas elegantly. I’m big on small files that do a lot, banishing unnecessary stateful UX, documentation as I go, and recyclable object-oriented structures. When I’m not programming for work, I do it for fun, and when I’m not designing things for work I do it for fun. I’m seeking a position that is looking for someone who has a passion for bridging the gap or even managing it.

Key Skills

  • User Experience Research
    • Data Modeling
    • Wireframing
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • User Interviews
  • Programming
    • JavaScript
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Python
    • Processing
    • Arduino
  • Databases
    • MySQL
    • GraphQL
    • MongoDB
    • Arango AQL
    • Neo4j Cypher
    • Airtable API
  • Computer Graphics
    • SVG
    • Blender
    • OpenFrameworks


User Experience & Front-End Web Developer Aug 2015 - Aug 2018 / Richland Library (Columbia, SC)

  • Richland Library is a nationally acclaimed, South Carolina State run, public library.
  • Designed and styled buildingyourlibrary.com to showcase the renovation of 12+ physical locations.
  • Deployed a digital wayfinding kiosk using Vue.js
  • Learned to love: Node.js, Webpack, Babel, Vue, Graph Databases, Card Sorts, Eye Tracking, GraphQL, Airtable, working with a large content team, and of course public libraries as a whole
  • Learned to hate: Decoupled Drupal, being the only developer that isn't remote

Designer & Developer Sep 2013 - Jul 2015 / Caktus Consulting Group (Carrboro, NC)

  • Caktus is a Django development shop that has an affinity for humanitarian clients.
  • Designed and made art for a gamified medication adherence app targeted at youths with HIV.
  • Provided UX to Mozilla for their Mozillians.org phonebook and wrote JS/CSS.
  • Obtains skills in UX, mockups, user testing, code linting, and templating

Developer & Designer Jan 2010 - June 2013 / Intuvoe (Raleigh, NC)

  • Intuvoe is a company that focuses on e-learning and web-development.
  • Built courses for clients and improved the company’s workflow by building in-house scripts.
  • Built full web sites and fixed existing sites for clients using various technology stacks.
  • Obtained skills using Drupal, CodeIgniter, Flash, git, Python, SVN, Web Inspectors, vim, working with various types of clients (university, startup, personal connections, commission, & otherwise)

Designer Sep 2011 - Sep 2012 / Avelist (Raleigh, NC)

  • Avelist.com is a startup company that offers an online service for shared lists.
  • Shared design process with the team’s developers and owner.
  • Created a design brief with iterations, and translated layouts into markup for templates.


University of North Carolina Asheville Fall 2006 - Spring 2009

Degree: Interactive Multimedia Arts & Sciences (BA) Focuses: Interactive Design / Realtime Graphics / Actionscript 3 / AJAX / Print Design